Porcelain Plant

At Paragon Ceramic, we place a huge importance on developing long-term relationships with all our clients. This way, we can better understand your business, your requirements and fine tune our offering and service to suit.

PCIL better suits clients with a strategic, long term collaborative approach rather than a tactical, tender based sourcing model. This allows PCIL to spread risk, volume and margin expectations across whole departments enabling clients to receive the flexibility, logistics support and price points they need. Most importantly working across departments with clients results in a cohesive design and brand message.

Some of our clients come to us with a clear idea of the product and design they’d like. Others give us a broader brief to design and create something unique, bespoke and special. Whichever way you choose to work with us, we promise you exceptional service and a totally professional approach.

Once you’ve briefed us, you can leave the rest to us. We’ll take care of manufacture, quality control and compliance, packaging and delivery to your exact requirements.

One thing we’re really good at is meeting deadlines and delivery dates. And that reliability is why so many of our clients use us time after time to supply their stores. Now you know what we do, find out more about how we do it.

Decal Unit

"Paragon Ceramic Industries Ltd" has a self sufficient and modern decal plant. Decal plant started in December 2010. Here we made many colorful decals for Export & domestic market. We have worked with world famous buyer like H & M, IKEA, Libbey, Portmerion, Next, Mestro, Churchill, Rodytime, WMF, Home Kraft, Ballard design etc. We have already earned a reputation from buyers by suppling lot of good designs.

We have world famous auto printing machine semi auto printing machine Hand print table, Photo coating machine, Screen processor, Screen tension, Screen exposure, all are imported from Japan, We Use all types of Gold, Platinu, Printing medium, cover coat, Decoration Paper frome world famous manufactarers. Our in-glaze and on-glaze colors are lead cadmium and barium free.
Production capacity of our plant is auto printed machine 1000 impression per hour and semi-auto printed machine 300 impression per hour. Average production 90,000 sheets per month. We have lot of experienced people to do good work. We are capable of full filling the expectation of buyers.

Packaging Unit

Paragon Ceramic has a well established Packaging Plant which is capable of producing 1.6 to 1.8 million pcs quality full carton (Inner & master respectively) in every month. It is capable of fulfilling the Paragon Ceramics demand of domestic & International market. We are making Printed carton, Brown Carton, White Carton, Flexo Carton, Gift Box, Drop test passable carton (According to International rules), Wrapping Carton etc.




Mould Unit

Paragon Ceramic has its own independent Mould and Modeling Department. We create new shape designs of ceramic products from our own ideas using AutoCAD and Solid works. All products exported all around the Europe, America, Turkey and India and rest of the Export items in Local Market. We also get technical drawings or physical samples from our buyers and by those samples or technical drawings we create new finest model.
Generally models are made from the Plaster of Paris with water. Different type of Plaster of Paris needs different quantity of water percentage. After firing the Ceramic Tableware products get shrinkage 12 to 13 percent, so we make the models 12 to 13 percent larger. Then finished product be same sizes of the original samples or drawings.
By using models we make a new mould which is the first mould in the modeling. It’s called Mother or Master mould. From the Master Moulds we create trial sample and send it to the buyers for approval. When we get the approval then we needs more moulds for Jigger and Casting productions. So modeling people make new sets of the moulds from the master moulds. It’s called Case Mould. Case moulds are moulds, which are from generated large number of working moulds. After making required batch of case moulds we keep the Master Mould very carefully for making future case mould. It is the heart of the modeling.
Working Moulds are dried at 500C to 530C temperature in the mould dryer and then supplied to the Jigger & Casting section. By these working moulds we make all type of ceramics wares like Plate, Cup, Saucer, Bowls, Tea pot, Milk pot etc. Plaster of Paris is directly imported from abroad. Mainly from Thailand and Korea.
In the mould section there are so many experienced workers who produce about 25000 pcs of quality moulds every month. Paragon Ceramics has modeling section where Regular, Irregular, Round, Square, Triangle, Emboss and all kind of shapes are made by experienced modelers.

QC and QA

Quality Control:

We are ISO: 9001:2008 certified & globally Paragon Ceramic is well known and are proud of our reputation to produce & deliver quality porcelain products to the buyers, as aim is customer satisfaction. For that we have a strong independent & dedicated quality control team.

How we are working-
  • Maintain quality in every section as per customer requirement.
  • Check the quality as per SOP in every section regularly
  • Apply lean manufacturing concepts improve internal processes loss.
  • Verify products made in specific section continuously with reference samples.
  • Ensure that every section is always sincerely active for customer expected product quality.
  • Quality inspection of every product by paragon QC team regularly as per buyer’s specific AQL.

Quality Assurance:
Quality Assurance is The management process that insures conformance of right of way Operations to the Departments mission and goals in the most effective manner, and Ensures that the right of way process complies with requirements of law, regulations and
Policy. Quality assurance involves independently evaluating and testing the activities in the Right of way process, including the quality control processes. Actions are taken with LEAN Process (Traffic Light 7-0 System) to modify the elements in the process as necessary to better conform to Departmental mission and goals, as well as controlling legal, funding and Regulatory authorities.
The PARAGON concept of quality assurance affirms professionalism of right of way staff. Experienced professionals conduct day- to- day right of way operations within Multidisciplinary project teams with minimal direct supervision. This structure allows Decisions to be made at the level at which issues arise, in a more timely and responsive manner.
  • 1 x QA Head
  • 6 x Supervisor
  • (Mass Body to Ghost Firing)